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Top Web Development Trends in 2018 

Web development technologies are being developed at a rapid pace. The trend which was popular yesterday does not mean that it will same for today, you should keep this thing in mind. Web development industry is very well known for its instability. Some new technologies come and replace the older ones and vice versa. Moreover, whenever a new trend comes to the market it is used to upgrade core functions of your website with all these trends.

These changes in the web development trends are so frequent that no one can guess what’s next to come. Even, what we know today and are using it, does not mean that it will stay forever. For instance, the original version of AngularJS was not that exciting and web developers took time to get adapt and used to it. However, the new upgrade AngularJS 2.0 completely changes the scenario. It completely uses new functions and methods, which makes an experienced AngularJS developer look like a fresher.

In the year 2018, the web development industry was stroked with updated versions of PHP, .NET, JavaScript, etc. and several others are yet to be seen in 2018. Some of them will be upgraded in the second half of 2018, and some will get upgraded in the same time span.

According to Statista.com, there are more than 21 million web developers globally, which was 18.5 million in the year 2015. Moreover, businesses want to hire these developers in order to upgrade their website according to the latest web development trends.

In this post, we will discuss top web development in the year 2018.

  • Push Notifications

These days we are seeing many websites implementing push notification feature in their websites. This latest trend will make your business more visible, an updated content will be more appealing and users will get more attached to the latest trends.

Push Notifications work like a newer version of the subscription model, where the website will ask for the user information to make them aware about the latest post from that website, increase user subscription, and change in context. Similarly, if you want to get all the latest updates of any particular website. Then, it is advisable to use push notification feature in your website. Once this feature is enabled, you will get all the latest updates even after exiting from the website.

This feature was inspired from mobile app push notifications, which is considered one of the best methods for consumer engagement. It encourages users to navigate and reach the new content instantly.

  • Automated Chatbots 

If you are still dependent on the old traditional support system, where the user wants to generate a ticket, they can solve their problem within 1-2 days, then you are required to upgrade your system. Because this is a digital age, and people don’t like to wait for the solution for a longer time. The huge competition makes it much more complex, and if you don’t answer the user’s query than they switch to another website.

In order to make it futuristic and human-oriented, there are so many automated chat solutions available. You are required to implement the right one for your web development solution and operate from anywhere and anytime. Those automated chatbots are considered as AI version, which can navigate you to the right direction and provide you with the best solution.

With these chatbots, you can enable live chats like welcome messages, predefined answers, and support URLs which makes your support system automated. Therefore, it is important to integrate it into your web development project and it will encourage your users to become your consumers and make your business valuable for them.

  • PWA(Progressive Web Apps) 

The term progressive web apps appear in the year 2015 and now it is rivaling native mobile apps along with the latest web development trend. They are a simple looking website but have integrated some functionalities which allow users to access it offline and all credit is taken by the service workers.

The date of progressive web apps is stored in a cache, which allows them to work fine in an offline mode and load it instantly. The developers, who work on these websites to make them work offline, run in the background, so that users can see all the latest caches on every visit.

Users can save the shortcut of the PWA website on their dashboard, if they are using that website frequently, and can access from anywhere they want to just like a mobile application. Therefore, in order to enhance your visitors in 2018, you should definitely try this trend.

  • JavaScript 

One of the important and admired web development trend, which was there in the year 2017, will continue to dominate in 2018. We have already seen major updated in both front-end and back-end JavaScript frameworks, like Node.JS, AngularJS, Ember, Vue, etc. last year and many of them will be announced later.

According to Stack Overflow survey, JavaScript is one of the leading frameworks being preferred by web development developers with 82% of market share. The market-leading technology is most used technology and preferred by developers to learn it first.

Moreover, According to Statista.com, JavaScript is one of the most used programming languages which is preferred by most of the web developers and has a market share of 62.5%. Moreover, if further separate JavaScript according to their frameworks, then AngularJS is having 28% of market share.

  • Motion UI

User Experience of any web development project is an important aspect as it directly moderate conversions. Back then it was identified using functionalities, now in the age of the digital world, the excellent user experience is identified using smoother graphics and animations.

On the other hand, users want something engaging which will force them to stay for a longer duration on your website. Therefore, you should avoid using high-quality images and GIFs as they will increase the loading time of your website.

In order to move your fortune in a right direction, you should start adopting all the latest web development trends which will definitely help you in gaining more users, improved conversions, and better impressions. There were so many changes implemented last year and many more will be implemented soon. Therefore, follow all these above-mentioned web development trends in order to remain in the competition.