Importance of Machine Learning in Mobile App Development

You might have heard about the term “Machine Learning”. It is basically an application of Artificial Intelligence which enables computers and software to learn and envision outcomes automatically without the interference of human beings.

Machine learning has already served in various fields & today is the time to talk about how it is serving to mobile application development.

It is true that whenever the latest technology comes, people find it difficult to handle. But when Mobile applications adopt every technology providing them in various apps, it becomes familiar with the people easily as people are very used to the mobiles. So, it could be said that gradually people become familiar with the technologies.

As every new technology ends with easy to handle and use. In this regard Corrado, a senior research scientist at Google says:

Stat  Before internet technologies, if you worked in computer science, networking was some weird thing that weirdos did. And now everyone regardless of whether they’re an engineer or a software developer or a product designer or a CEO understands how internet connectivity shapes their product, shapes the market, what they could possibly build.

Let’s have a quick look at the types of machine learning. It is mainly having three types of stated below:


There are basically three types of machine Learning algorithms:

A supervised Machine Learning algorithm

Supervised machine learning is all about where you have both input and output variable and then an algorithm is used there so that the output variable can be imagined.


Unsupervised Machine Learning

Unsupervised Machine learning is all about where you just have an input variable instead of an output variable. Here the data is grouped into groups so that the more information regarding the data could be gathered

There is a requirement of a special algorithm for processing Machine learning so that it could teach machines. This is the reason wherever there is required app solution, Machine learning is used there for mobile app development.

Let’s focus on some of the mobile application areas where Machine learning can be implemented:

E-commerce app

The intelligence of Machine learning, if implemented on E-commerce apps can be really helpful in predicting the search results according to the customer’s choice and requirements. Apart from this, the e-commerce app based on machine learning can entertain you by predicting the offer and trends according to your suitability. So, if you are running an E-commerce site, you are required to go developing Machine learning based E-commerce mobile app.

One of the examples of e-commerce apps that are based on machine learning is eBay’s shopbot. 


Image editing apps

With the help of picture editing app, you can edit the picture in different filters and layouts. As these apps would be based on Machine learning, they will help you to select the proper option according to your needs.

Weather forecasting app

Machine learning based weather forecasting app can give you the exact update of the weather of your current location. It happens like this, it tracks your current location and updates the possible forecasting of your current region.

Food delivery app

Machine learning based food delivery app is able to take care of your personal food choice like by visiting your history, it becomes possible for it to show the menu of the food according to your choice. Apart from taking orders, this app allows you to ask queries regarding the ordered food or any issue you faced in order.

Food delivery app based on Machine learning can provide the user the option of ETA i.e “Estimated time of arrival” which may help the user to find how soon the order is arriving.

So these kinds of apps are good and convenient options for the customers who are visiting your site to purchase. So, if you too want to flourish your restaurant or food delivery business, make use of this kind of Machine learning based Food delivery mobile app.

Transportation apps

Machine learning powered transportation apps may help travelers to preview the expected arrival time of the particular vehicle as well as the full details of the journey, you are on the way. So, it could be said that these Ml powered mobile apps are also beneficial to boost the transport business.

Healthcare apps

Healthcare apps that are based on machine learning can take care of your health as a physician as it may predict that you are going to catch a cold or headache and may consult accordingly. Apart from that such apps, these apps can offer the users various workout plans to keep them fit.

Travel apps

As Ml powered mobile apps are serving in other fields, they are also beneficial in the travel experience as these apps keep into consideration the budget and the choice of your trip and then offer various options of hotels and destinations.

So, boost your travel business with the best app development service by providing customers such apps.

Wrapping up

Machine learning mobile app development is going to be the future of this technical world. Machine learning refers to the miracle in the form of a prediction (outcomes) which could be handled in our palm only when this thrilling technology is implemented on mobile applications.

So, machine learning powered mobile apps service will bring revolution in everyone’s lifestyle making their lives easy and magical. So, go for it without stretching time.