Codeigniter Development

Codeigniter Development and Its Major Benefits

While developing websites, there are a variety of frameworks available which makes it difficult for any developer to choose among them. Moreover, most of these frameworks are free of cost. PHP is an open source language which has a wide community of web app developers. There are various frameworks offered by PHP which are secure as well as innovative. One such framework is Codeigniter.  It is one of the best choices for developers as it helps to construct a website almost with a complete hassle free experience. This is the reason that it has become the sought after framework of PHP.  Apart from providing the over-the-top services, it also offers a robust creation of web applications. These apps often work faster and efficiently than other applications due to its dynamic nature. This is possible because it is a customizable and powerful PHP framework. The programmers are able to develop a high-powered application with its help. It offers an amazing platform to write codes from scratch. You can say that it’s an advanced technology platform which is helpful for every advanced mobile applications developer who needs a simple toolkit. It’s a user-friendly toolkit and it has a lot many features to offer.

It includes a variety of modules, libraries, plugins, and other attributes which are required to provide immense support. This, in turn, makes the complex PHP functions and procedures a little simpler. This toolkit serves developers with complete solutions that provide a rich set of libraries. They help you with common tasks as well as complex logical structures. It lets PHP development companies minimize the task of coding. As compared to other PHP frameworks, Codeigniter is the most reliable and fastest. By using this framework you can customize your software on another platform as well. So, if you need a framework with exceptional performance then it is the best option. There are several benefits of using the Codeigniter PHP framework. We are discussing some of its advantages in detail below:

Security features:

Remote code execution: This feature ensures that the PHP file is not approachable directly. It prohibits manipulation by running a script that can compromise with the system.

SQL Injection: It is the most common attack on the web. It means the attack is on the front-end and post data. It retrieves the data from the database and by using this framework, your app is completely safe from SQL injection.

XSS attacks: It is a common reason behind the demise of various websites. It’s a cross-site scripting attack which takes place by crafting a malicious URL to hamper the security of the application. Codeigniter framework has an inbuilt filter for this attack.

Other features: There are many other minor features that help to keep your application safe and secure. Especially the form validation feature. It makes sure that invalid information is not entered in the database.

Bug handling:

Its one of the most useful feature of this framework. It is capable of detecting errors all over the application and works in universal nature. The process of Codeigniter is simple as it gives you bug handling as well as debugging messages. It’s working is extremely precise and provides a remarkably accurate error highlighting throughout application without a single fail.  

Efficient validation system:

It’s a brilliant platform to write codes error-free and in a simple accurate manner. Moreover, the form validation framework system allows the software development companies to write codes in a single line.

Configuration and customization:

How easy it will be if you just have to edit the existing files? It is offered by this PHP framework where a PHP web developer can easily edit the existing application files. This is the reason that it never confuses a beginner. It assists the developers to construct a customized application according to what you need.

Migration aspect:

Shifting from one server to another is extremely easy in Codeigniter. By using the migration aspect it becomes convenient to update across different fields. You can say that it is simple to manage databases which makes this framework developer-friendly.

Easy to download:

If you are looking for a PHP framework with least installation burden then here is the solution. Codeigniter is only 2 MB in size and can be downloaded with minimal efforts. This helps the PHP web developers to construct dynamic websites.

Some other amazing benefits:

This framework provides inbuilt tools for security. Moreover, it comes with innumerable modules that help in developing reusable components. When it comes to documentation, then it is one of those frameworks that provides highly illustrated documentation. It is best suited for developing lightweight applications.

Final words:

After reading these benefits of Codeigniter, it can be concluded that it is the best open source PHP framework for development. Its user-friendly and pocket-friendly feature is just an addon.  It is simpler to make a software bug free with this framework in comparison to all other platforms provided by PHP. Its bug detecting feature is amazingly helpful for web development companies.  Due to the highly interactive characteristics of this framework, it makes it convenient for the new developers to easily make an enhanced application. Moreover, it’s a brilliant platform to learn or work from scratch. Therefore, it helps to develop a strong application in a very little time period. If you are looking for a software developing company then ask them to choose Codeigniter to get over-the-top services.