5 Best Advantages of Android App Development for Business

5 Best Advantages of Android App Development for Business

Android is a name with which everyone is familiar in the contemporary world of technological advancements. We all have used android phones at least once until now. Have you ever wondered what does it basically mean?  Android is an open source operating system used for mobile technology. Many companies are investing in android projects today due to its simple application development process for mobiles.  Apart from the convenience, it also provides other benefits like solving customer challenges. Moreover, it assists in increasing the value of your business. It can also be advantageous in boosting the revenues of your business and achieving exceptional growth. According to the reports, Android is a leader among other operating system platforms as Its market share is 72%. The wide community of Android is the reason for it being the sought after operating system platforms for smartphones. It does not matter what is the size of your business, a good mobile development strategy can help you in earning fortunes. It can be possible by hiring a mobile app development company. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of developing an android app. Here is the list of five best advantages of android app development for business:

An open-source platform:

By open-source platform, it means that the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) can be acquired without any burden of licensing costs and royalty. The large community of Android users helps them in getting knowledge about any forthcoming versions. They can inculcate those versions in their development projects. These plus points of Android make it the most sought after option for all enterprises as well as wireless operators. Rapid application development is its major consequence.

Excellent customization options:

The user interface is extremely important within every application. Android makes it easy to develop a customizable user interface. This is because Google has always remained focussed in providing a customizable user interface. This helps developers to make modifiable android apps for business growth. As a developer, one can enjoy top-level liberty to turn their imaginations into reality. There is a wide range of customization options which will help to make your app interactive.

Low investment and high ROI:

As discussed above, the Software development Kit (SDK) of Android is cost-free. This means that at the entry level android is obstacle free. Now it’s not rocket science to understand that the overall development cost will be comparatively much lower!  It can be categorized into three parts; development, testing, and deployment. You need to pay a fee to your developer for the distribution of an application. In the next stage, they can use any device to develop and test the product. This will result in lower investment and ultimately, users will receive an interactive app. In the end, enterprises will earn a higher return on investment.

Plenty of sales channels:

At times, it becomes really tough to distribute your applications. Android platform eliminates this issue brilliantly as it provides multiple ways to sell the app. You will not have to depend on one market, unlike other mobile platforms. Moreover, if you will use the Google play store or any other marketplace, you will not be able to create your distribution or sales channels. In another case, you can build or publish your own channel. With a promotional strategy, you can increase your customer base through multiple channels.  

Convenient to adopt:

Do you know in which language android apps are scripted? It is none other than the language which provides a rich set of libraries- Java. This means that anyone who is quite familiar to this language can construct Android apps easily. As per the findings of a survey, it was highlighted that the developers comfortable with Java language can make android apps very easily in comparison to developers who have more familiarity with other languages. Moreover, Google has developed another language called Kotlin, which can be perceived as an alternative to Java. This language is specifically developed for Android development. It is simple to learn and can be utilized to empower Android applications. Renowned firms like Atlassian, Pinterest, Uber, and many others are using Kotlin for their android developments and needs.


Undoubtedly, Android development is the best open source mobile platform. There are various advantages like marketing, adoption, and cost-effectiveness which help to bring it above other mobile app development platforms. Are you looking for an android development solution provider for your business but unsure about the first step? We can help you in building the required solutions for Android mobile development.