10 Major Web Design Trends in 2019

10 Major Web Design Trends in 2019

Change is the only constant and human preferences change every moment. The web designs that looked nice to visitors in 90s certainly will not satisfy them today. Although noticing these changes is quite hard for a layperson. Just like trends in other industries like fashion, web designs trends are also changing constantly. The reason behind these changes is the advancements in human requirements and expectations. These changes are not that abrupt to be noticed by everyone on a daily basis. In fact, these changes take place at an extremely slow pace but they demand your constant attention. Even if you are a proficient creative web designer, you will have to keep updating your skills to match the contemporary designs. If you won’t do so, you might find one day that your best designs have gone outdated in the market. To keep a check on trends it’s important to keep reviewing the market every now and then. You can get the latest updates in web designs in our post. We are discussing the major web design trends in 2019:

Mobile Friendly Designs:

We are all aware of the growing popularity of mobile devices worldwide. There is no home left without a smartphone today. The growing market for mobile devices is surpassing desktop users. This makes it vital for web designing companies to create responsive designs of the apps. It should be able to provide convenient zoom in-out and drag up-down facility on mobile. They should make sure that the website works equally well on both the devices.


Websites are getting smarter day by day. Today, most of the customers are interacting with enterprises without any human source. Chatbots are a facility for artificial chats with customers. The major advantages of this technology are the elimination of human resources and constant service to customers. It allows businesses to answer their customers the most common questions.


The attention span of humans is decreasing these days. People are getting more attracted to motion content. Therefore, it would be an intelligent decision to include video content to your website.  The best way of doing this can be by including animations in the background of web pages. This way you can catch your visitor’s eye and retain them on your web page. It is the latest trend that is making websites more engaging.  


It makes your website more interactive with users, even more than the animations. Have you ever wondered what micro interactions are?  We all have seen them multiple times but could not even discover the marketing technique behind that. When we bring the cursor on some points of the web page, it changes. That happens only on bring the cursor over that particular spot. For every human, it is a good feeling to see their actions changing the way something looks. This triggers their mind and results in an increased attention span of your visitors.

Original illustrations:

Original content is the greatest demand in the current competitive market which is flooded with content. When you copy illustration, it loses impacts and originality.  Original things give a personality to your web page. It is true that you will require to pay to the artist who will create custom illustrations for you but its worthy enough. Custom software developers who will create such original illustrations will transform your page and increase connectivity with the visitors.

Round Designs:

Have you ever noticed the shapes of the tabs and menus? Probably, you have never looked at it purposefully. Although the truth is your mind does notice such minute things unconsciously. Moreover, they have a huge impact on the way you perceive a design. For a while, web development companies used to keep the edges sharp of every button and window. These days, the trends have changed. Today, the designers have shifted towards softer and rounded edges.   

Unique fonts:

It had never been an easy task to decide the type of font that one will be using for their websites. You might think that visitors do not value fonts much. It is true to some extent that they do not notice them but the fonts do have a psychological impact.  This is why choosing a unique font to add essence to your website. It helps your web page to stand out of your competitors. Moreover, it can also help you in attracting attention to the words that are important.


How much time do you take to finalize the color of an outfit for a special occasion? It is surely not a task of seconds. This is because we all know that color holds a lot of importance. It can attract or distract the viewer very easily. This is why the use of the combination of right colors is an essential task of any web designer. In the contemporary world, bold colors are in trend as more number of websites are using bright colors these days.

Hamburger menus:

Its something which is trending on apps as well as websites. This is because it takes very little space. When the motive is to construct a responsive website then space is always taken into consideration. The icon of this menu is really small and when someone clicks on it, it takes them to the main menu. Since it has become immensely popular among mobile users, the software development companies have started including them on desktop sites as well.

Floating navigation:

It is very similar to the hamburger menu in popularity. It stays visible even when you scroll down. This provides an extremely unique experience and provides the navigation options available all the time. No matter on which page is your user, they will always have the navigation menu in front of them. This makes user interface simple and attractive.

Final words:

This year you just need to keep your user a priority. Whatever your design might be, always decide it according to the preferences of the prospective visitors. Therefore, it is extremely important to be sure about your target audience. Following the web design trends in 2019 is always a good recommendation but mastering your users’ needs will gain every web developer a higher rate of investments.